Shri Nitin Gadkari

(Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India)

“This conference is most related with construction and construction industry’s legal issues, regarding arbitration- that is a very important thing. It is a really great thing for the country; I am giving my all best wishes to all of you. With whatever policy suggestions and recommendations the conference is going to give me, I will definitely on the basis of that resolve issues and we will formulate policies which are helpful for the country.”

Kailash Dabeesingh

(Barrister and Chartered Arbitrator, Mauritius)

“I consider this conference to be a useful forum for the fruitful interchange of views on how to resolve problems and how to avoid disputes altogether.”

Mark Gordon

(Managing Director, Kroll, London)

“I congratulate the organizers for this conference, it has been a fantastic couple of days. We have learned a huge amount about the market in India. We look forward to doing more work in India and assist wherever possible.”

Neeti Sachdeva

(Secretary-General & Registrar, MCIA, Mumbai)

Assuming that in the international arbitration space, construction and infrastructure arbitrations constitute almost more than fifty percent of the total arbitration, I think SCL is doing a great job to get the stakeholders together and discuss important topics

Ketan Tipnis

(Advisory & Expert, Washington DC)

I am very much happy about the event and it is a great opportunity for everyone to meet and greet people and excellent place for networking and I think there is a great future for arbitration in India.

David Goodman

(Managing Director, Kroll, London)

The whole SCL Conference been fantastic and I met fantastic people here. I think there is a huge future here for arbitration and I really hope as a company, Blackrock Experts Services can help and assist you develop in your industry.

Dr. Lalit Bhasin

(Chairman (India), CIArb, New Delhi)

This is a very timely event which is taking place on construction law and arbitration. My personal view is these disputes pertaining to construction activities should be resolved amicably through the process of mediation rather than litigation or arbitration.

Dr. Bernd Ehle

(Partner, LALIVE)

Overall it was an excellent experience, I do not at all regret that I came here to the country. I think I would do it again and I hope there will be further conferences organized in Delhi or other cities in India.

Shashank Garg

(Partner, Advani & Co, New Delhi)

In the last three days of this conference as a counsel and an arbitrator, interacting with various experts from quantum to delay experts and also from industry to legal experts, it has been an interesting experience. We have deliberated upon various issues and I am sure all the deliberations will be useful to everybody who has come here and attended the arbitration.